Hailey (tinkerbellx) wrote,

you're mostly what i think about

i'm finally starting to try and accept everything and move on
i've stopped caring what he's doing and what he's thinking etc.

i'm still only listening to the song simeon's dilemma and feel that every word in that song reminds me of him and what we're going through

but i've let it go

last night he even texted me for a bit, i didn't read in to it, i barely replied and i didn't let it affect me, it was all short and friendly but before everytime he made any form of contact with me i thought it was his of coming back

but he doesn't have a way of coming back because he doesn't want to
and 2 and a half months later i've realized that, and i think i'm accepting everything

plus i feel good, i don't like anybody i dont have a crush on anybody i'm just focusing on what i do have which is great!

friday i'm going to lagoon with taylor and calli and jake and i'm way excited! frightmares is one of my favorite october activities!

plus the working out finally starts today! i've been pushing that off for way too long
oh and room cleaning house cleaning also starts today!

and i'm going to treat myself with a nice new pair of jeans and a new brian urlacher jersey!
i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a white urlacher jersey my blue one is old and i'm not sure if i love the blue one anymore
maybe i should get a devin hester jersey too.. i'm really not sure who is my favorite player anymore, except for lance briggs of course but his jersey is impossible to get outside of chicago!

i'm feeling good and i'm starting to finally put my october plan of action into play!

(pay all bills off, be happy, work out, don't let nick affect me, study, spend time with my friends, don't ditch people, call people back, answer my phone, visit my family, cook dinner everynight, listen to more music, read more books, no soda, limit drinking etc)
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