Hailey (tinkerbellx) wrote,

Animal Crossing

I'm really sad that I still do not have a Wii!

I need to start playing animal crossing city folk

after catching all of the fish and bugs on animal crossing wild world i've been feeling bored with it!

although i just started zelda phantom hourglass and it's seriously the best game ever!!
one 'bad guy' you had to scream into the microphone to kill it! sometime you have to blow out candles! one time i had to transfer information from one map to another map and the way to do it was to close my ds screen!

oh boy its so much fun! plus its the sequel to wind waker which was my fave zelda game ever!

i enjoy video games.
last night nick kicked my ass over and over again on madden
first he was the chargers and i was the bears and it was like 40 - 0
then i was the packers (i know thats terrible of me) and he was 49ers and it was 30-14
then finally i was the patriots and he was the lions and it was 34-13
i missed the extra point attempt.
i'm awful at that game! and i was thinking i was getting good
but maybe nick is just to good! he would always get picks everytime i passed!

football is great. i'm so happy tomorrow is sunday!
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